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With over 200 wells drilled and a further 300 permitted in Ohio alone, 2013 is set to be a huge year for the Utica Shale. E&Ps have already announced billions of dollars of investment to exploit the 8.2 billion barrels of oil and up to 15.7 trillion cubic feet of gas estimated to be held in the formation. Successful well results continue to be reported from E&Ps operating the 27 active rigs currently drilling in the formation.

The challenge now, is for operators to enhance the understanding of the formation and action drilling programs to drive the Utica forward to become the next leading North American resource play. The priority is now to gain a complete of understanding of the formation's geology and production drivers, hone completions techniques to maximize production and drive down well costs to fully commercialize the Utica.

The Utica Shale Congress 2012 was the first dedicated industry event for the play, and the event is returning to Columbus on April 30 - May 1, 2013 to build on last year's huge success and drive the industry towards making the Utica the next Bakken or Eagle Ford.

The congress is hosting a brand new speaker line up from leading Utica E&Ps and industry experts who will be sharing their experiences and strategies for developing arguably the hottest shale play in North America.

Day 1 will open with a strategic analysis of how the industry can drive the play from exploration to factory mode, analysing how to operate logistically in Ohio wells and discussing how to reduce risk during exploration, with an integrated approach and the use of seismic. A full geological breakdown will follow, assessing the drivers behind production across in the play and the latest datasets on the key reservoir parameters and geomechanics of the shale, including mapping of the play across the North East. The day closes looking at successful drilling techniques used in the play and the resting of wells as a production technique.

Day 2 builds on the understanding of the subsurface by analyzing completions techniques proving successful in the play, looking at fluid designs and optimal frac sizes, stages and spacing being used to maximize recovery. Moving on to environmental compliance and water regulations, day two will also focus on ensuring operators can move towards a development scenario with minimal environmental impact. Unitizing of acreage and reducing the time and cost in acquiring leases will then be a key focus before the huge issue of the proposed severance tax increase in Ohio will be contested. The conference closes by addressing public and community relations and managing visibility the industry moves through to full development.

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Why Attend This Conference Over Others That Have Surfaced Since The Original Utica Shale Congress 2012?

  • In April last year, the Utica Shale Congress 2012 was the first ever operator-orientated forum dedicated to the play and was attended by over 350 delegates from across North America
  • This year, the congress returns with a brand new redeveloped agenda, researched in close collaboration with past speakers, delegates and leading operators in the play and will focus on only the very latest learning objectives
  • The Utica Shale Congress 2013 will be a highly technical forum, focusing on in-depth analysis of the formation's geology, as well as completions and production techniques to deliver solutions for operators looking to drive the Utica forward through to 2014
  • As well as this technical focus, the event will deliver a break down of the wider strategic and regulatory issues which will influence key decision making in the play as it develops
  • The Utica Shale Congress 2013 is the latest in the hugely successful Emerging Plays Series that has hosted over 1400 delegates globally and delivered market-leading forums across the world's hottest new shale and tight plays such as the Mississippi Lime, the Chainman, the Brown Dense and the Monterey in the US, the Neuquén and Vaca Muerta in Argentina, the Bowland in the UK and the Duverney in Canada to mention a few.

Join industry leaders and experts in discussing:

COMMERCIALIZING THE UTICA: Mapping the geographical scope of the Utica and key reservoir parameters whilst addressing how to operate logistically in the Ohio in a development scenario

GEOLOGICAL PARAMETERS: Analyzing the latest data available for the Utica to develop a complete understanding of the reservoir and inform completions design

COMPLETIONS: Examining optimal frac fluids, and frac stages and frac sizes being successfully applied in the Utica to increase completions efficiency

RESTING AND PRODUCTION RESULTS: Success stories on how IP and EUR has been increased through the use of innovative production techniques

REGULATIONS: Addressing how to work around environmental concerns and work with landowners and the public to acquire operating leases

PUBLIC & LANDOWNER RELATIONS: Best practices for working around environmental concerns and working with landowners to acquire leases to operate and continue the play's development

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